Women are valuable, respect them – Apostle Quampah admonishes men

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss|

The Church of Pentecost Ho Area head, Apostle Dr Dela Quampah, has urged men worldwide to afford women the necessary respect within society.

He emphasized the value of women, asserting that they deserve total respect from society. He mentioned that women both create problems and offer solutions, citing the biblical references of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Dr. Quampah highlighted that through Eve, humanity fell into sin, while through Mary, the Savior was born to redeem the world from its iniquities.

“Luke’s gospel pays significant attention to women. I want to use this platform to appeal to men who don’t respect women to change their mindset. Women are valuable, cherished by God, despite the notion that it was women who ate the fruit and introduced sin into the world. So, they are both the cause of our troubles and the bringers of a positive side. Joseph played no role in Christ’s birth; Jesus was entirely a woman’s son. Hence, women brought forth a problem and a savior.”

These remarks were made during an exhortation at the 2023 End of Year Staff Durbar and Christmas Carols Service at the Ho Teaching Hospital on Thursday, December 21.

The event was attended by heads of institutions in the health sector, including the regional Directorate, Ghana Police Service, Ghana Immigration Service, with musical performances by the 66 Artillery Regiment Band and the HTH Choir.

Titled “Mystery of Life,” his message assured the predominantly health worker audience that their dedicated services would be acknowledged and would help transform society.

The Chief Executive of the Hospital Dr. Tampuri commended his staff for their year of service.

He highlighted the strategic direction of the governing board, the oversight responsibilities of the management teams at various levels, and the day-to-day supervisory roles of the departments, leading to successful achievements in 2023.

He also praised the installation and functional CT Scans provided by the facility, enhancing investigative reporting.

Addressing the ongoing dialysis debate in some hospitals across the country, the CEO noted, “It is noteworthy that while some teaching hospitals are grappling with offering dialysis services, we have had no issues providing these services.”

He mentioned the facility’s reach, catering to clients from Greater Accra, neighboring regions, and neighboring countries.

Dr. Tampuri revealed that as part of the hospital’s commitment to reliable healthcare delivery, construction of the Family Health Center is 60% complete.

He assured that plans were underway, involving consultants and contractors working around the clock to ensure timely completion.

He also congratulated the confirmed directors in the facility who had been in acting positions for years, expressing gratitude for their service.

“I take this opportunity to thank them for their dedicated roles, even though they had been acting and are now confirmed.” he added.

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