Wear Your Masks – Akatsi North DCE To Residents

BY: Kekeli Blamey/Ave-Dakpa/VR

Following President Akuffo-Addo’s initiatives to manage the upsurge of Covid-19 in the country, the Akatsi North District Chief Executive (DCE), Dr. Prince Amuzu Sodoke has called on residents to strictly observe the protocols.

In an exclusive interview with VoltaOnline’s Kekeli Blamey, the DCE noted that directives from the President with regards to observing the necessary Covid-19 protocols have to be implemented.

Dr. Sodoke explained that many people lost their lives in the country due to failure on their part to strictly follow measures put in place to combat the coronavirus.

He revealed that the Akatsi North District has not recorded any case of the Virus since its first outbreak in the country adding that residents in his District have followed all laid down procedures.

Dr. Sodoke also indicated that as the country is experiencing a second wave of the deadly virus, his office will do everything possible to maintain a virus-free district status.

He said nose masks, soaps, tissues, sanitizers, and buckets have been distributed to all schools in the district.
The DCE also added that all offices in the district have been provided with the requisite Personal Protective equipment for safety.

Dr. Prince Amuzu Sodoke however urged all and sundry, especially the market women, to continue using their masks and sanitizers so as to avoid being hit by the virus.


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