We must collectively work together to push Ghana forward- Prof. Naana Opoku-Agyeman

By: Akpabli Daniel Yao
The Vice-Presidential candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC),
Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyeman has charged the NDC and all Ghanaians to collectively. 
work together to see Ghana’s progress after the 2020 presidential election.
The comments came during her outdooring ceremony as the party’s running mate for the
upcoming Presidential and parliamentary polls come December 7, 2020
She said, together, we can strategize to solve long standing problems of needless and
unproductive discriminations and strive as valued citizens for she is poised to serve the interest
of all no matter ethnic and demographic locations and demarcation.
According to her, Ghana must be in full flight towards a sustainable development to a destination
of peace, inclusion, self-confidence, plane honesty where good works matters.
Prof. Opoku-Agyeman noted that, Ghana needs a systematic reform of our institutions to
address the current challenges, leveraging on vocational and technical education and providing
equal and fair opportunity base on merit devoid of whom you know and connection.
She maintained that, the level of violence, brutalities, harassment and injustices perpetrated
under the current administration in a country that until recently, was hailed as the fulcrum of
democracy in the sub-region, is becoming unbecoming.
She urged all Ghanaians to show up and vote come December 7 and reject the attempt by some
to disenfranchise others adding that we are all Ghanaians and we love this country deeply hence
we make contribution to the running of our country therefore; nobody should let anyone feel
“the choice Ghanaians have in this election is very clear; we can either build the Ghana where
every citizen regardless of background, is afforded equal opportunity to become their best selves
or we can continue on the path where few people are tend to control and detect the destiny of the
people who have given them the privilege to govern in the first place” she added
She stated that each and every Ghanaian is the protectors and owners of this country for our
collective goals and that of generations yet unborn.
She further called on the NDC to continue to let their policies deviated from these unproductive
paths of injustice and non-peace adding that, we have come too far as a nation to still cling to our
primordial tribal bigotries for everyone’s ancestor has been a worthy contributor of this space we
now call Ghana. 

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