We have what it takes to make Mawuko a Grade “A” school- Headmistress reveals

By: Pneuman Ametorxé| ignewss.com |Ho

The Headmistress of the EP Mawuko Senior High School Ps. Mrs. Ernestina Dorris Peniana has announced her commitment to take the girls school from its current Grade B level to a Grade A level school.

This announcement was made during the school’s 40th Anniversary celebration held at the school’s premises on Saturday, November 18.

With a student population of approximately 3,000 and a staff capacity of about 200 teachers and non-teaching staff, the school, now four decades old, faces various needs for facilities crucial to uplifting its academic standing.

Mrs. Peniana highlighted these needs in her address, calling upon the Director General of the Ghana Education Service, Dr. Eric Nkansah, to support the school by providing essential facilities to enhance the learning environment and effectiveness.

One of the primary requirements highlighted was the urgent need for additional halls and new classrooms. The implementation of the free SHS policy has compelled the school to utilize its assembly hall for multiple purposes such as dining, assemblies, entertainment, and classrooms.

This practice results in frequent rearrangement of furniture, leading to a loss of valuable teaching hours and the deterioration of furniture strength and stability.

Mrs. Peniana emphasized the necessity of a fully equipped science laboratory to improve the teaching and learning of science courses.

Additionally, the school requires an upgraded computer lab and paved pathways within the compound to mitigate challenges faced by students and teachers during rainy and dry seasons, respectively—eliminating muddy and dusty conditions.

The plea conveyed the urgent necessity of these facilities to transform the educational landscape and enhance the overall learning experience for both students and staff at EP Mawuko Senior High School.

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