Volta Regional VAG commemorates 11/11, aimed at supporting Amasaman hospital project

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss|Ho

The Volta Regional sector of the Veterans Administration Ghana (VAG), recently commemorated their 78th remembrance day, also known as 11, 11, with a joint parade involving personnel from various security agencies.

The ceremony, held at Ho Jubilee Park, honored the officers who lost their lives in World War I and II through a poignant wreath-laying ritual.

Remembrance Day, observed on November 11 annually in Ghana, is a solemn occasion dedicated to remembering and honoring servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice in battle.

This date holds significance as it marks the official cessation of World War I in 1918 at 11 am on the 11th day of the 11th month.

The parade brought together members from the Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Prisons Service, Ghana National Fire Service, Ghana Police Service, and the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

Notable dignitaries, including the Volta Regional Minister Hon. Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ho Hon. Divine Komla Bosson, and the President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs Togbe Tepre Hodo, graced the event alongside the general public.

The focus of this commemoration according to the Regional VAG, extends beyond remembrance; it aligns with the ongoing efforts of the Regional VAG in completing a hospital project by the Administration at Amasaman in the Greater Accra region.

According to FCPO Solomon Bediako, the Volta regional administrator, the pressing issue faced by veterans largely revolves around healthcare, so their aim is to complete their hospital project.

He emphasized that as veterans age, health concerns become more prominent, and the existing pension often falls short in addressing these medical needs.

Bediako highlighted the endeavor to complete the Amasaman hospital project, funded partially through proceeds from puppy sales in recent years.

“Our major problem is medical that’s why in the last two years and this year inclusive we are using the funds that we can generate from the sale of the puppies for the burden of the hospital at Amasaman” he stressed.

While acknowledging the distance between Amasaman and Ho, he expressed intentions to replicate similar medical facilities in other regions once the Amasaman project concludes.

“You might ask that Amasaman is far away from Ho, when we are able to finish what we have done in Amasaman, we can support in our small way by doing it at other places. That’s why in our small way, we have managed a new hospital at Amasaman.” he explained.

The administrator also addressed the challenge of low membership strength in the Volta region, making it difficult to justify building a hospital exclusively for VAG members.

 He mentioned the shift in VAG’s approach, encouraging members to handle their renewals and insurance due to the immense costs involved in medical care for ailments like diabetes and hypertension prevalent among veterans.

He mentioned that at present, the VAG is actively engaged in facilitating various initiatives to provide substantial support to veterans, recognizing the need for sustainable solutions to bolster their welfare.

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