V/R: Put up structures to look at motor business- Commercial Drivers advice Government

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Source:Ghana/IGNetwork.com/Osei Frimpong Emmanuel

The rate at which the use of motorbikes as the main means of commercial transportation have gotten grounds in some part of the Volta Region as some drivers are calling on the government to step in with measures to safeguard their operations.

The rise in the motor bike usage in the region as a major means of transporting goods and people has increased over the past few years resulting in a competition between the motorists and commercial car drivers.
In an interview with Mr. Roger Dovlo, a commercial motorist, he highlighted that motor transportation is the easiest and quickest way of reaching destinations as fast as possible.
He also noted that, the use of motorbike is cost effective as compared to the use of Taxis and commercial cars (trotro).
 “In most parts of the region, there is a solely dependence on motor bike transportation because it is more affordable” He added.
Meanwhile, the case seems to be different on the part of many commercial drivers as they recounted how the illegal use of motorbikes for commercial purpose, has totally succeeded in throwing most of the intra-city drivers out of business especially those in the Ketu North Municipality.
Mr. Yao Amervor, a Commercial (trotro) driver, lamented that, due to the rampant use of motorbikes as the means of transportation, their job is on the verge of collapsing adding that, most people currently prefer transportation with motorbikes to cars.
He said this has led to their inability as drivers to get their income at the end of the day, making most commercial drivers in the region to desert driving to do something else.
He further urged the government to put in place measures by which this situation could be addressed.

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