Unknown gunmen shot a 52-year-old man at Ho Tsiyikpota

By: Kingsley Attitsogbui|Ho

A 52-year old man, Eric Kwaku Dzivenu has been shot at the legs by unknown assailants at Tsiyikpota, a surburb of Ho in the Volta Region.

The incident happened in the early hours of Tuesday October 9, 2023 around 4:00am.

Narrating the incident to our reporter, Kingsley Attitsogbui, one of the victims, Sefakor Kwawukumi, who escaped unhurt said they were returning from Davi Esi’s (fish seller) house that dawn with a bowl of fresh fish (Salmon) for processing.

According to Sefakor, the road leading to Davi Esi’s house was very dark as there was poor lightning system.

“I put on the torch light of my mobile phone so when we reached the area where Albertisam’s Factory is, I saw three young men standing behind a building. They looked suspicious. So, I told Efo Kwaku about them and immediately one of them shouted and asking who we were, and he was positioning the gun he was holding towards us. I became so afraid, so I threw the fish on the floor and ran back to the fish seller’s house. As I was running, I heard gunshots three times. I don’t know what happened later. It was after 5:00am before I was led out of Davi Esi’s room in consciousness.” she narrated.

On a visit to Mr. Dzivenu by our reporter at the Ho Teaching Hospital on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, the victim noted that he was shot at the left leg first from a distance and as he tried to escape, he fell down while balancing a heap of sand around in the area.

He said “they rushed on me, this time very close and shot my right leg which broke my bone and they run away” he said.

The Assemblyman for the Ho Fiave Electoral Area, Hon. Charles Legbedze, said the issue has since been reported to the Ho Municipal Police command however, no arrest has been made at the time of filing this report.

Meanwhile, he called on the police to reactivate the police post close to where the incident happened which had remained closed for more than 4years.

Residents who now live in fear following the incident, are appealing to city authorities to, urgently, ensure the deployment of police to the police post to save their lives.

Source: www.ignewss.com|Ghana

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