Tullow Oil secures licence extensions in Gabon


Tullow Oil has achieved a significant milestone by receiving official endorsement from the Government of Gabon for the extension of several of its Gabon licences until 2046.

This development marks a pivotal step forward for the company in the African energy landscape.

The licence extensions not only fortify Tullow’s resource portfolio but also underscore the company’s strategic acumen. The move is anticipated to augment the company’s net 2P reserves by approximately 5 million barrels, thereby facilitating an impressive c.100% 2P reserves replacement within Gabon for the current year.

Aligned with Tullow’s overarching strategy to concentrate on high-yielding production assets across Africa, this move serves to amplify the inherent value in the company’s non-operated portfolio through judicious optimization efforts. By extending these licences, Tullow is poised to tap into the latent potential of the reserves and resources that underpin Gabon’s assets.

This strategic maneuver is further highlighted by the unwavering vitality of the Tchatamba facilities. These facilities are poised to continue serving as a central hub for Tullow’s operations, underpinning the longevity and continuity of the company’s activities in the region.

Tullow’s success in securing these licence extensions underscores its dedication to fostering long-term relationships with host governments while harnessing the potential of its assets for sustained growth and value creation. As the energy landscape continues to evolve, Tullow’s strategic focus on optimizing its portfolio and enhancing reserves resilience stands as a testament to its forward-looking approach.


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