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The Togbega Gbogbi Atsa IV of Adaklu state in the Volta Region has called on the Government to carefully peruse the law enacted to back the poly of cylinder re-circulation module in the country.
According to him, the government needs to reconsider the law to ensure that, the marketing companies that are coming to partner the exercise are carefully regulated to protect the citizens
He said, this will also make it possible for those leaving in remote areas to also have easy access, considering how the neighboring Togo and Cote d’Ivoire made is affordable for their citizens.
The Volta Regional Ghana National fire Service deputy commander, Gideon Anaglate, noted that, they have already initiated door-to-door education and also to ensure that every individual has a fire extinguisher in their various houses.
Mr. Anaglate added that, education on re-circulation of the cylinder will not be in cities alone, and that, remote areas will also have their equal share.
He further urge the general public to appreciate the education and other processes involve in the re-circulation exercise to ensure its success
The Volta Regional Secretary of the National petroleum Authority, Madam Shilah Abiamoh, in her presentation, touched on the proposed new Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) model which she said requires a new LPG value chain with activities including Bulk storage, LPG bottling, LPG Dealers, manufacturing and Maintenance Company, LPG Bulk Transport and LPG cylinder transport.
She mentioned that, there is not going to be any payment when individuals want to change their cylinder when it get spoiled.
She also advised the general public to desist from seizing the opportunity to engage in a retailing of the LPG, adding that, everyone will be entitled to a specific volume of the product in a particular giving point in time.
She said anyone found in such business shall be arrested and prosecuted under the law

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