Think beyond “Give us our daily bread” politics, it won’t solve our woes – Youth Advised

By: Evans Attah Akangla | | 

Edem Kofi Kpotosu

The Human resource Director at the Ghana Education Service in the Volta region Mr. Edem Kofi Kpotosu has urged youth particularly in politics to take a swipe at the current trend of politics the country is running.

On what he described as a trend of politics that leads to the destruction to the fortunes of the youth, he urged the populists to refrain themselves when politicians approach them with their campaign messages amidst money sharing.

Mr. Kpotosu who was addressing a youth group calling itself “Hope Alive Group” (HAG) on his birthday admonished the youth to distance themselves from politics of cash by the so call political groups during campaign seasons to influence their decision.

According to him, the ordeal bring negative effect on them (Youth) after the said political group or individual wins power.

“Mostly politicians think giving money to the youth during the campaign seasons is all we need. Give us today our daily bread has become the issue of the day. We need to think and ask ourselves whether those politicians recall us afterwards. what are they doing to prepare the future for us.” He quizzed.

He noted that no rich person will ever spend his money to build this country adding that the country and its youth will continue to be embarrassed when the youth maintain the attitude of chasing political parties and aspirants for money during political seasons.

“At the time the youth will begin to think and decides on, particularly those with the potential who can bring about development to the country, help the youth and they begin to contribute to support the very persons, they can have the authority to prompt and call the person into order for change”

The politician urged the youth to begin to decipher and choose people who can work to develop the youth and country and go for them rather than chasing the “sugar quoted tongue leaders” who will fail the country.

He called on the youth to campaign for change of attitude of sharing money for votes by politicians who later forget us.

“The time will soon come as the politicians only think the people need money, you should know best that you can’t survive on that forever. Go for the best person who can make you who you want to become”

The Human Resource Manager believes the future of the youths is today.

He further admonished the youth to allow themselves to be groom at the early ages as he believed the failure of the youth to be sober before their school to receive the necessary training.

However Mr. Edem Kpotosu (Makosa) the second runners up in the 2020 NDC Ho Central Constituency Parliamentary Primaries behind the Member of Parliament for Ho Central Hon. Benjamin Komla Kpodo is “likely” to contest for the second time the Primaries when the Party opens nominations for  Parliamentary Primaries ahead of 2024 general election.


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