The 5th IBES commences in the Volta

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss

The fifth Integrated Business Establishment Survey (IBES), has commenced across the 18 Administrative Districts in the Volta region on Monday January 15 2024 with a total of Five Hundred and Seventy Two enumerators

The survey, implemented by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS), is in partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Association of Ghana industries (AGI) and the World Bank, along with other key stakeholders in the Public and Private sectors.

The 2024 exercise which commenced on Monday, January 15 is expected to be conducted in two phases. The first phase aims to provide a comprehensive listing of all business units in the country and gather information on their characteristics.

The second phase will involve sample survey of selected businesses to obtain detailed data on their activities. The primary goal is to produce an updated Statistical Business Register and generate important data for National Development in every ten years

During the exercise, all business units in the country will be enumerated, irrespective of their characteristics, including profit and non profit, large and small businesses in the cities, towns and villages at a physical location or online. This includes markets, shops, offices and any other locations.

At the Volta regional launch on Thursday January 11 2024 at the Ho School of Hygiene Campus, the regional Statistician Mr. Lous Toboh disclosed that Five Hundred and Seventy Two enumerators have been recruited. They completed their training workshop on Saturday and are fully prepared for the field.

The enumerators have been recruited from the 18 districts to undertake the exercise, which will last between three to one month.

Toboh added that the enumerators will be visible in the IBES vests, visiting places such us churches, shrines and other relevant work places to meet respondents.

Respondents are expected to cooporate with the enumerators, who can be identified through questioning and can provide the requisite answers to available questions.

The regional IBES Lead, Dr. Worlanyo John Ahiadome, emphasized that the exercise is critical for Ghana. It will help the country gather important data on businesses and disclose to the public the types of businesses and employment opportunities they create.

He further mentioned that it provides insight into the structure of the country’s economy and exposes businesses to investors, showcasing the distribution nature of these businesses.

In total, approximately Eleven thousand enumerators are expected to be in the field starting from January 15, 2024, for approximately one month across the country.


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