Survey places Hon. Agbavitor as preferred choice in VR

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss| VR

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A random survey conducted by Community Focus Foundation (CFF) – GH has projected, Mr. Mawutor Agbavitor as a preferred candidate among the five (5) candidates aspiring for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) chairmanship position ahead of the party’s internal elections.

Mr. Agbavitor who first contested but lost in 2014 is likely to get 50.4% votes in the upcoming elections as against 20.3% votes for the incumbent Mr. Henry Kwadzo Ametefee according to the report.

It said, Mr. George Loh has 19.5% vote and 9.8% is likely to vote for Francis Talamus Doe out of the 500 sampled stakeholders in Volta NDC.

According to the survey, none of the participants in the survey voted for Mr. Ackumey Marshal Emil.

Data was however collected within two (2) weeks with the sample size representative from all the 18 constituencies in the Volta region made up stakeholders consisting of both delegates and non-delegates in a random voting.

Target respondents of this survey were party stakeholders including members, activists, branch executives, constituency executives, regional executives, former executives, council of elders and senior members among others.

The survey worked to ensure appropriate representation of different groups, Geo-political zones, age, sex, and education.

Out of the targeted sample size of 500, only 123 voted representing 24.6% of the target population.

The demographic information (WhatsApp Platform) was used to help check the validity and reliability of the respondents.

Meanwhile the survey observed that approximately 75.4% of the target sample size did not vote (undecided); whiles most respondents were willing to vote but their phone Apps did not help them.

“Even though 123 respondents (24.6%) out of the sampled population of 500 can be said to be low, it however represents the opinion of NDC stakeholders in the upcoming regional elections”

The report recommended that the party decisions including elections should be data driven.

It also said, research unit of the party should be supported to conduct surveys periodically to supply critical information to leadership for policy influencing.

The survey in conclusion outlined several recommendations to ensure proper election process and leadership styles that built and development the party in the region that taxed the party saying election of regional chairman should base on merit and not on monetary terms.

To them “in the spirit of reconciliation and party cohesion, stakeholders including Regional Executive Committee (REG), and Regional Council of Elders among others should as a matter of urgency organize a post-election retreat immediately after the conference in order to close ranks for party unity.”

The recommendation further charged delegates not to elect aspirants who will take positions and will not perform and also urged candidates who are not popular within the rank and file of the party to make deliberate efforts in marketing themselves adequately before the elections are held.

It also suggested that the next chairman should deliberately mentor youths into leadership positions adding that there is an urgent need for a Strategic Plan for the Volta NDC to guide its operations for victory.


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