Stop patronizing tabletop fuel, they are adulterated – Drivers, riders told.

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss| Ho

The Volta Regional Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has advised drivers and motor riders to refrain from purchasing petrol and diesel sold on tables along the roads in our communities.

Mr. Hope Smith characterized these businesses as illegal trading activities, emphasizing that they pose a threat to engines due to the frequent adulteration of the fuel, ultimately affecting the lifespan of vehicles.

The regional director pointed out that individuals involved in these activities are well aware of the illegality of their operations.

Despite facing seizures and arrests, they persist in restarting their businesses, often justifying their actions with statements like “Life is hard, and one must survive, or life must go on.”

He advised the public, especially car owners and drivers, to avoid patronizing these illegal fuel sources to prevent damage to their engines.

Mr. Smith highlighted the various dangers associated with these tabletop fuel stations and emphasized the need for them to cease operations unless properly licensed and approved.

Speaking on Swiss FM’s radio program on safety and environmental management at fuel stations on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, the Regional Director noted that most of these mini stations lack the necessary certifications for filling and service station construction, as well as safety protocols.

Despite this, they often sell their products at lower prices compared to certified fuel stations.

“Avoid those tabletop fuels; some of them are mixed with premixed fuel and petrol. Some even add water to the oil, while others mix diesel with petrol and add water to it. All these are not good for our engines, but if we stop patronizing them, they will cease selling them,” Mr. Smith emphasized.


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