SOSSAH, St Anthony’s Hospital call to intensify education on Covid-19 fight


By: Akpabli Daniel Yao/Tadzewu/VR

A senior public health nursing officer at St Anthony Hospital, Dzodze, and SOSSAH team leader, Madam Quist Justine, has called on Health Educators, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and other stakeholders to organize more outreach programmes to intensify education on Covid-19 as the country started recording the new Indian variant of the virus.

She made the call when team of medical staff from the St Anthony’s Hospital at Dzodze in the Ketu North Municipal capital of the Volta Region, in collaboration with a group called SOSSAH, has embarked on another education outreach programme to senior High Schools across the municipality.

The team made their first stop at Dzodze Penyi Senior High school (DZOSEC) and later moved to Wovenu Senior High Technical school (WOSSET), where they took the students through education on the new variant of the virus, Covid-19 Vaccine and the Vaccination processes, stressing on safety protocol as well as donating face masks and carbolic soaps to the two senior high schools.

Speaking to the Finder Newspaper, Madam Quist noted that, their main aim of reaching out to all schools in the municipality is to educate the pupils as part of measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic with much focus on the Covid-19 vaccination exercise.

She also observed that, the total disregard for the corona virus safety protocol among citizen including residents in the Ketu north municipality is worrying and need an urgent attention.

“Under normal circumstance, we must always adhere to the protocols. Most people don’t normally wear the masks. People put on the mask only when they are about to enter a health care facility or when they want to go to the bank or they put on the mask when they wanted to cross the border since we are close to the Togo border. So you see someone putting on the mask and the moment the person crosses the border, the person removes the mask” she narrated.

She noted that, few people who even wear the mask are being tag with names and others being mocked, a behavior which should not be entertained.

“Currently, there is the new variant of the virus and if care is not taken and there is a third wave, we may not be able to manage the mortality and the morbidities hence the need for us to continue embarking on this outreach programme to educate the people on the need for them to adhere to the protocol” she explained.

Madam Quist hinted that, the St Anthony’s Hospital has started recorded new covid-19 case in the municipality.

She further thanked SOSSAH and other individuals who supported the project, adding that people can also support with PPE and others as the team continues to embark on its outreach to reach other Senior High school across the municipality.

Raymond Asafo, a physician assistant and Godwin G.K Dorvlo, a Senior physician of St Anthony’s hospital took the student through education on the vaccine and how important it is for all qualified persons to partake when the next vaccines arrive.

They also took the students through an interactive section where discussions were made regarding myth and misconception about the vaccine.

They further advised the students to disregard all myth and misconception surrounding the vaccine and serve as ambassadors in their various societies to get parents and the general public vaccinated.

In an interview with some students after the program, they expressed gratitude to the team for the education as well as the donations.

They also called on the Ministry of Education and other benevolent bodies to support them with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) such as Nose masks, soap and sanitizers as they complain that, the reusable masks are not adequate as many of them depend on only one for a whole term.

Some also called on policy makers to also put in measures to safeguard the interest of their younger ones who, according to information, are not qualified to partake in the current vaccination processes adding that, they may also have issues when they get infected with the virus in one way or the other.

However, school’s authorities in the two senior high schools, expressed gratitude to the team for reiterating the need to adhere to the Covid-19 protocol and education on the Covid-19 vaccine.

Mr. Adehe Freeman, the Assistant headmaster of administration at Dzosec said, the coming of the team is very helpful as it breaks the monotony of they talking to the students all the time.

“When you look around, you will realize that our department have designed various art works in various location, all in efforts to combat the covid-19 and to help us all especially now that students are coming from everywhere to school. The team coming in, just buttress the point that the education is that important and the continue education at all times do not become a monotonous something that one person keeps saying at all the time. At least different people hammering different aspect” He said.

He said, as they move further, the team as well as other health official should endeavor to come and give the necessary update to the students and the penitents issues that the student may have, the team will be able to address them as well as learning new things.



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