Sokode Gbogame MA primary school crown champions in Ho Municipal reading festival

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss| Sokode

The 2023 Ho Municipal Reading Festival has crowned Sokode Gbogame MA Primary School as champions in this year’s competition, held at Ola Senior High School’s Assembly Hall on November 23, 2023.

The Reading Festival aims to foster a love for reading among school children from Kindergarten to Grade Three. It’s a collaborative effort between USAID Learning and GES, focusing on “Transition to English.” This initiative aims to cultivate reading habits, initially in the local dialect (Ewe) to improve recognition and fluency in the English language.

The competition spanned 11 circuits within the Municipality and involved activities such as Reading in English, Ewe Language, Spelling Bee, and a “Mother and Child” word construction challenge.

Sokode Gbogame MA Primary secured second place in Reading in English, while Takla Circuit claimed first. In Ewe Reading, Sokode Circuit secured second place, Takla third, and Housing first.

Sokode Circuit clinched victory in the Spelling Bee and “Mother and Child” activities, surpassing Ho Kpodzi and Housing circuits to emerge as the overall best circuit in the Municipality.

The Ho Municipal Education Director, Madam Esther Adzima, attributed the festival’s inception to the Transition to English program, specifically designed for Grade Three students. She highlighted the USAID Learning initiative, which began in Ghana in 2014, focusing on crafting books for KG to P1 learners in Ewe.

Adzima detailed the programme’s intent to aid children’s reading abilities gradually, facilitate assessments, and assist teachers in handling their students effectively.

While acknowledging the festival’s hiatus and subsequent revival last year due to financial constraints, she emphasized the festival’s continuation to nurture proficient readers.

She underscored the festival’s purpose beyond mere reading, emphasizing comprehensive understanding and spelling proficiency at each child’s level.

Director Adzima outlined the transformative impact of reading on learners, enabling them to comprehend and pronounce words accurately, bridging the gap between languages.

Regarding funding limitations delaying the festival, she expressed plans to introduce a reading festival in French for upper primary levels, aligning with the curriculum.

The Municipal Chief Executive of Ho, Hon. Divine Richard Komla Bosson, underscored the importance of reading in unlocking endless learning opportunities and reshaping educational journeys. He commended the Directorate’s efforts in fostering a love for books among young learners.

While acknowledging technology’s role in facilitating fast learning and information acquisition, Hon. Bosson emphasized reading’s pivotal role in enhancing intellectual abilities and instilling a lifelong passion for learning.

He highlighted that reading is not just about acquiring knowledge but a gateway to imagination, creativity, and personal growth.

Books have the power to transport us to different worlds, introduce diverse perspectives, spark curiosity, expand horizons, enrich vocabularies, and enhance critical thinking skills.

Evans Attah Akangla

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