Sex Before Marriage Becoming Priority

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By: Wosoryi Janice Akorfa/IGNews/Ghana

It has been observed that many people around the world now prefer to have sex before marriage as this has become their priority.
The notion has been narrowed down to some part of the Volta Region in Ghana where some people complained about having sex before marriage.
In an interview with a victim who gave her name only as Afi, lamented that, they that refuse to have sex before marriage are losing the men that come their way day in day out, and this has become headache for them.

She explained further that she lose some of the men she met previously for the fact that, she declined to play loose to their demands as they try forcing her to have sex with them in the name of covenant.

Another lady also explained that a man once told her to get pregnant for him before he can marry her just because, he, the man, is afraid that she might not be able to give birth after marriage.

Albert, a 25 years old young man narrated his part of the issue stating that, he choose to having sex before marriage to see if the woman  is good in bed or not.

He explained further that, “sometimes it is for fun and to see if the lady is neat”.
Reverend Dorcas Gifty of The Only Hope Children Ministry described the issues as disheartening adding that, some of the ladies also force the men to have sex with them to see if the man can erect before marriage.
“It has happened in a certain church where after marriage, the man cannot erect but the woman is still in the marriage because it is for better for worst” she added
She further explained that the Bible stands against sex before marriage. “Anyone you have sex with, you are connected to that person”

 “We should be able to do according to the word of God and that is the fear of God. Marry before you have sex” she stressed
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