Police arrest 153 drunk drivers

Records from the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTD) of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) show that 153 drivers were arrested for drunk driving in 2021.

These unlawful acts which took place in 2021 showed a 115% increase from the 71 cases of drunk driving which were recorded in the previous year.

These numbers were recorded in six out of the 17 police regions. About 10 regions, however, did not record any cases.

Regional breakdown
Western North Region
The Western North Region recorded 70 cases of drunk driving in the year under review, topping the national drunk-driving chart in 2021.

Ashanti Region
Some 36 drivers in this region were arrested for drunk driving in the said period. The number (36) makes the Ashanti Region the second-highest drunk driving offending region in the country.

Western Region
The Western Region had the third-highest record of drunk drivers. About 19 drivers were arrested for the offence last year.

Greater Accra Region
The Greater Accra Region also recorded 19 cases of drunk driving in 2021, tying with the Western Region as the fourth-highest offending regions.

Bono East Region
Some six drivers were apprehended in the Bono East Region for drunk driving.

Eastern Region
In this region, only two drivers were arrested for drunk driving in 2021.

No record
Six regions did not record any cases of drunk driving in 2021.
The regions are Upper East, Northern, Upper West, Bono, Tema, Central, Volta, Oti, Savannah, Ahafo and North East.

Source: The Finder

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