Only 55 businesses registered in Volta since 1994 – Evelyn Nyako

By: Pneuman Ametorxé| |Ho

The Director of Investor Services at the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Evelyn Nyako, has disclosed that the center has registered only 55 businesses in the Volta Region since 1994, with a total investment sum of approximately 109 million US dollars.

She made this revelation during a forum themed “Grow in Ghana, Grow with Ghana,” organized for business owners, government agencies, district assemblies, and farmers in Ho on Thursday, October 9, 2023.

Addressing the audience, Nyako stated that, “Currently at GIPC, we have registered about 55 companies in our books in terms of FDIs that have come into the Volta Region since 1994. Among these 55, we realized agriculture and agribusiness comprise the largest sector, with about 29 companies. Additionally, we have registered approximately 15 companies in the manufacturing sector. We observed that there are other thriving sectors that are not attracting investments, and we believe that areas like tourism, which is booming in the border region, need attention.”

She further added that non traditional exports are sectors that is doing well in the region and deserve to be invested in.

According to her “There are a lot of products here that can be improved and then also be exported, for us to take advantage of the continental free trade among others. So, I think that the Volta region has opportunities that need to be harnessed and that is why we are ensuring that this is done to ensure partnership with other agencies and the private sector.”

Madam Nyarko clarified that while there may be more businesses in the region, many are unaware of the investment and business support opportunities offered by the GIPC.

To address this, the investment regulators have initiated a nationwide tour to sensitize and educate Ghanaians about these opportunities.

She debunked the misconception that GIPC exclusively deals with foreign investments, emphasizing that the center facilitates both foreign and local investments.

She highlighted the GIPC’s role in assisting local businesses in scaling up through funds and partnerships with foreign investors and organizations.

Nyarko also underscored the significance of the land bank maintained by the center to alleviate land litigation issues that often impede and delay foreign investments.

The GIPC encourages landowners to register their lands with the center, offering benefits for their use by foreign investors.

While the GIPC has plans to establish offices in all regions of the country, affairs in the Volta Region are currently coordinated by the head office in Accra.

However, interested parties can contact the center online via their website and social platforms, including phone calls.


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