National cathedral: Conflict of interest is a cardinal point for all fraudulent acts – Dr. Kumadoe

By: Frank Kwame Abbor| ignewss| Ho

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A fraud preventions expert and security consultant, Dr. Richard Kumadoe, has called for swift measures against conflict of interest adding that, it is the cardinal point for all fraudulent acts.

He said, this must be stopped at all costs else, issues regarding stolen funds would never cease in our communities and business set-ups.

Speaking to Inside Ghana News Service-IGNEWSS, he noted that, the role of board members in every institution is critical.

According to him, once the prerogative objective of being a board member is misplaced and replaced with a business interest, the tendency and the temptation of misappropriation of funds and misallocation of statutory financial items will be high.

He observed that, “this is a typical example of the issues surrounding the national cathedral funds in Ghana” adding that when this happens, the regulatory compliance suffers.

He however called for what he described as reasoning to prevail and let the future beholds without fraud.

He noted that with less fraud-risk issues, there will be sanity in our national governance and political circles.


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