Ms Leontine Otu, the teacher behind the spectacular performance of Mercy Islamic primary cadet corps

By: Vadze Mensah Divine| ignewss| Accra, Adentan

In the world of education, certain individuals stand out for their exceptional dedication to inspiring and kindling the passion of their students. One such remarkable individual is Ms. Leontine Otu, the driving force behind the spectacular performance of the Mercy Islamic Primary School cadet corps during their 20th Anniversary Speech and Prize Giving Day.

The ceremony featured a variety of activities including prayers, Quran recitals, cadet and Scout inspections, poetry recitals, traditional dances, presentation of gifts and awards, as well as speeches from various dignitaries.

One of the highlights of the event was the impressive and outstanding performance by the school cadet corps during the parade led by Ms Leontine Otu, a French teacher in the school.

The event left a lasting impression on all who attended. The young learners captivated their teachers and parents with their exceptional talents and skills as they performed the parade and scout inspection.

Their entry, complete with a terrific band and immaculate marching, was jaw-dropping. The display of the Ghana and Kuwait flags, along with the professionalism of the commanding officer, left many wondering if they were witnessing a performance by trained police or military personnel.

Ms Leontine Otu, the commanding officer, revealed that she is not a police or military officer and has never received professional training in those fields. Instead, she learned many of the skills by watching training programmes on television and taking her students to police and military barracks to observe their exercises.

Her dedication to her students and willingness to go above and beyond to provide them with valuable experiences truly sets her apart as an exceptional educator.

Ms Leontine Otu is a teacher by profession, specializing in French language instruction at Mercy Islamic Primary school.

A multilingual individual, she fluently speaks English, French, Ewe, Ga, Fanti, and Twi, with little Hausa showcasing her dedication to connecting with her students on a deeper level.

She underscored the passion for education and love for her students shines through in all that she does, making her a beloved figure in the school community. This was evident as she was awarded as the outstanding hardworking teacher during the programme.

Ms Leontine Otu, a Central University alumna, holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies since 2011. Her teaching journey began with training at Mount Mary College of Education, Somanya in the Eastern region of Ghana, complemented by secondary education at Fijai Secondary School in Sekondi-Takoradi, Western Region. Before joining Mercy Islamic Primary School, Ms. Otu taught at Holy Family and Prince of Peace all in Accra, showcasing a rich background in imparting knowledge and experience across multiple institutions.

When asked about the preparation for the outstanding performance they have exhibited, Ms Leontine revealed that they began rehearsing in November, 2023 in anticipation of a December event, which was later rescheduled to February so had enough time to rehearse. The dedication and enthusiasm shown by her students throughout the rehearsal process served as her motivation and driving force, inspiring her to push them to achieve greatness.

Despite her success as a teacher, Ms Leontine Otu harbors a lifelong dream of joining the police or military service as an officer. Her passion for serving her country and community is evident, and any opportunity to help her realize this dream would undoubtedly be life-changing for her.

Ms Leontine Otu stands out as a shining example of a dedicated and passionate educator who goes above and beyond to inspire her students.

Her commitment to excellence and her unwavering love for her students make her a truly outstanding teacher. Whether she remains in the classroom or pursues a future in law enforcement, there is no doubt that she will continue to impact the lives of those around her in a positive and profound way.


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