Kente Weaving Expo 2023 inaugurated at Volta Trade and Investment Fair

By: Kingsley Attitsogbui| 

The Kente Weaving Expo 2023 has been inaugurated during 6th Volta Trade and Investment Fair 2023 to showcase tradition, heritage, the brilliance of craft practitioners and create more jobs.

The Kete Weaving Expo as part of the Volta Trade and Investment Fair 2023 aims to honor tradition, showcase craftsmanship, and generate employment opportunities.

Organized by T. Y. Kete Travel and Tours in collaboration with Tie Global Artisans of Pyxera Global, the event was inaugurated at the Ho Jubilee Park on November 28, 2023.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of T. Y. Kete Travel and Tours, Mr. Thompson Yao Avornyotse, highlighted the expo’s purpose: uniting weavers nationwide and linking them to both local and international markets to safeguard tradition and bolster job opportunities for current and future weavers.

The expo’s inaugural theme, “Celebrating Our Cultural Brilliance and Craftsmanship for Job Creation and Entrepreneurship,” emphasizes preserving cultural heritage while fostering economic growth.

Mr. Avornyotse, a master weaver himself, stressed that the expo, with ongoing partnerships, aims to blend traditional weaving techniques with contemporary designs, expand livelihoods, and globalize the Kente weaving industry.

Programme Director of TIE Global Artisans of Pyxera Global, sponsors of the programme, Kofi Koomson, emphasized the event’s goal: celebrating cultural identity, creativity, and the enduring legacy of Kente weaving while providing a platform for artisans to display their talents.

He said it is aimed at providing a platform for the artisans to showcase their talents and for the world to recognize and appreciate the artistry of Kete weaving.

Over 20 weavers from regions including Volta, Ashanti, and Northern Ghana showcased their skills at the fair. The expo featured live weaving demonstrations, interactive workshops, cultural performances, exhibitions, marketplaces, and educational sessions on Kente weaving.

There will be live weaving demonstration, interactive workshops, cultural performances, exhibition and marketplace and educational talks about Kete during the period.

The 6th edition of the Volta Trade and Investment Fair is on the theme: “Leveraging the African Continental Free Trade area for economic development”.

The 2-weeks event seeks to create a unique platform for startups and existing businesses to showcase their products to a larger audience and as well promote economic growth and industrialisation for sustainable development in the Volta region.

The fair, hosting around 400 exhibitors from across the Volta Region, anticipates drawing 20,000 participants globally, aiming to provide a platform for businesses to showcase products, fostering sustainable regional development.

The opening ceremony, attended by business leaders, diplomats, and stakeholders, marked the commencement of the fair, serving as a launch pad for economic growth and development opportunities in the region.


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