Hopeson Adoye claims Chief of staff outdid their camp in spending

By: Frank Kwame Abbor| ignewss| 

Accusations of vote buying have emerged following the just ended New Patriotic Party (NPP) Super Delegates Conference over the weekend.

Hopeson Adoye, a member of Alan Kyerematen Campaign, has in an interview with the media alleged that the Chief of Staff, Frema Osei-Opare, paid monies to delegates during the NPP’s Conference on Saturday.

In a heated interview with journalists, the firebrand politician said, “you didn’t see the undisciplined [sic] display she exhibited to tell her. The rules were clear. The Chief of Staff was here giving money to people! Do they think we’re scared to speak? Are we scared? What I fear, I don’t speak about.”

He continued, “if you’re done voting, go home! Rather, you go to the Women’s Organizer’s Office. When someone is done voting then they are given money. This is total indiscipline. It’s total indiscipline.”

He bulked at the suggestion that that, these are stalwarts and executives of the party, asking “if they eat is that an impossibility?”

He stated that “[in] this election money played a role. We aren’t scared to say it. Money played a role. You are able to give someone $5,000! What are you talking about?! We’ve given out money, but who gave out the larger sum? That is the issue! Someone can give one person 100,000 to go and vote, what are you talking about? Go to the Ashanti Region and ask!”

The Super Delegates Conference, a crucial event in Ghana’s political landscape, brings together influential party members to select the party’s top five candidates who would in turn contest in the ultimate flagbearership race in November, during the party’s general Delegates Congress to select a flagbearer for the upcoming national elections. It is a highly anticipated and contested event, often characterized by fierce campaigns and strategic maneuvering.

Political analysts believe that these allegations could have far-reaching consequences for both the implicated parties and the wider political landscape in Ghana. The allegations raise concerns about the integrity of the super delegate congress, as well as the potential implications for the party’s selection process.

The party leadership has yet to comment on the specific allegations made by Adoye. However, they have previously emphasized their commitment to upholding fair and transparent processes within the party’s internal elections.

Both Alan Kyerematen’s campaign, and the Chief of Staff will face scrutiny in the coming days, as the truth behind the allegations is sought. The implications of these claims extend beyond their individual campaigns, potentially impacting the public’s trust in the political process as a whole.

The Electoral Commission (EC), a body responsible for overseeing elections in the country, has been called upon to investigate the matter thoroughly and if proven, the allegations of vote buying could result in criminal charges against those involved, along with potential disciplinary actions from the party.

As Ghana prepares for the upcoming elections, efforts to ensure a fair and transparent democratic process will be crucial. The allegations of vote-buying highlight the urgent need for increased vigilance and enforcement to prevent the undermining of the country’s electoral system.

However, vote buying is an illegal and unethical practice in Ghana’s political landscape, which undermines the democratic process and the credibility of elections. It involves offering financial incentives or other benefits to voters in exchange for their support.

Source: www.ignewss.com|Ghana

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