Ho Dome EP Primary school appeals for support

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss| Ho

The Headmistress of Ho Dome EP Primary school, Judith Esinu Princess Kuseto, has called on old students and corporate organizations to support her school in tackling its numerous challenges.

She bemoaned the state of her school and expressed fear of collapse if proactive steps are not taken to rescue the school in the Ho Municipality.

The Ho Dome EP Primary classroom was established in 1930 as the first experimental basic school and was later converted into a primary school in the year 1946.

The Head Mistress lamented that the school is not attractive enough and has resulted in less enrollment opportunities over time, which has led to panic and fears of collapse.

She said that the school lacks amenities and facilities that would entice parents and guardians to enroll their children there. As a result, she appealed for charitable funding to revive the first experimental school and further its core mandate.

The Headmistress also bemoaned that some parents fail to properly care for their children before sending them off to school each day, claiming that some of them are careless about their children’s welfare.

“We are seriously facing problem with enrollment drive and lateness to school on the part of the learners. Some of them do not eat before coming to school and also without pocket money. Therefore, my staff has to be feeding some of them. Some of the parents are also unconcerned about the welfare of their wards. Example providing basic needs, textbooks, stationeries and even paying of PTA levies.” she said

The school currently has its entire population to be 290 learners with 131 boys and 156 girls being supervised by 25 hardworking, trained Professionals female teachers, five male teachers and additional three National Service Personnel assisting in diverse ways towards efficient and effective teaching and learning.

According to Madam Kuseto “The school also has a strong and vibrant School Management Committee (SMC) and Parent teachers Association (PTA), that support the school greatly in performing her duty as a head.

Whiles appealing for assistance from benevolence, Old Students, and NGOs to aid in providing these children with support for better education, she added that the school has also renovated a store room for Nursery to enable admission of under age learners to promote enrollment in the school “We need assistance in all areas to redevelop the kindergarten side”

She indicated that it is her plan to build a fence wall around the school to improve safety both during and after school hours, citing certain dishonest actions of some young people who turned the school property into a small smoking center and other activities that are not appropriate for a place of teaching and learning.

The Headmistress further called on all stakeholders to fulfill their respective responsibilities as the school administration prepared to host a Homecoming event in order to engage old students and solicit donations to support the institution’s rejuvenation.

Source: www.ignewss.com|Ghana

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