Charismatic Fire and Miracle Ministry cuts sod for construction of 7,000-seater capacity auditorium in Ho

By: Israel Abotsivia| ignewss| Ho

Leadership and some members of Charismatic Fire and Miracles Ministry at the sod cutting ceremony

The Charismatic Fire and Miracles Ministry in Ho Alaleme has cut sod for the construction of a seven thousand (7,000) seater capacity auditorium in the Volta region.

The facility, when completed, will serve as a worship center for the church in the area.

The Ghc3million ultra-modern auditorium according to the church is to foster evangelism by winning more souls to Christ’s kingdom in these difficult times and also give hope to those in despair through provision of full spiritual support as Christians.

The Founder and leader of Charismatic Fire and Miracles Ministry, Rev Dr D.Y. Gideon, disclosed to the media in an interview that, the church has secured a three-acre land which contains about twelve building plots for the project.

He noted that, the auditorium will be built in phases using the latest technology in the construction of the edifice.

The founder said, the church has about eight hundred thousand cedis (Ghc800,000.00) readily available to commence with phase one which expected to start a week after the sod cutting.

Rev. Dr Gideon assured that the phase one will be completed within 9 months to pave way for other phases which come with other ancillaries.

Rev. Dr Gideon, therefore urged all the members to continue with their wonderful support for the project to ensure a successful completion.

He also admonishes all other persons to join the Charismatic Fire and Miracles Ministry to witness and benefit from the divine favour of God which he touted as “joining the winning team”.

The 7000-seater capacity facility will serve as one of the modern and comfortable church auditoria in the Volta and Oti regions.

“The Glory Land Auditorium” will allow God’s children to partake comfortably in all soul winning events and building of their Christian faith against the end times.


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