Ho Central MP Supports Tanyigbe Senior High School


By: Akpabli Daniel Yao /Tanyigbe/VR

As various Senior High School across the country are gearing up for this year’s West African Senior High school Examination, the Member of Parliament for Ho Central Constituency Mr. Benjamin Komla Kpodo has donated a total of six (6) vehicle tyres to enable the Tanyigbe Senior High school (TASHS), his alma Mata, fix their school Vehicle.

The items which cost more than five thousand cedis (Ghc5,000. 00), is to help the school in the improvement of their means of transport especially during the examination days where examination materials are going to be transported on daily basis.

Earlier this year, the Mr. Kpodo has presented Two (2) sets of water storage tanks of 500-liter capacity each and some street lights to prevent water shortage and boost security in the school respectively.

Mr. Kpodo noted that, the school bus has broken down for some time now and when he heard about it few days ago, he quickly mobilizes some funds to see it fixed.  

“We lobbied to bring buses to this school and it was brought earlier and when the government was distributing the second batches of the buses, we managed and again lobbied and we got the second bus for you. But your headmaster came to me and told me that one of the tyres of the vehicle is completely down and cannot move out. So I decided that, as my school, I will provide you with tyres. So as we are sitting here now, I brought six (6) new tyres to you. We hope that the bus can now be put on the road to use” He explained.

According to him, some school project such as the administration block, dining hall, Dormitory among others have been started in the school but apparently abandoned not out of the desire of the contractors but because the contractors have not been paid to enable them complete the projects.

“As we are standing here now, I have filed questions for the Minister for Education to come and explain why the building are still like this and in the process, he will be reminded of what needs to be done” he stated.

He noted that the Tanyigbe Senior High school has produced many great people who are doing well in leadership positions and various field of work, some are currently in the various universities and other tertiary institutions across the country and beyond.

“when you come here, don’t take it as a village school. Work very hard because people who have passed here have reached a very high height. So if you come and joke thinking this is a village school so you will just pass through and go away, you are going to cheat yourself” He advised.

He further hinted that, his outfit has instituted an award and scholarship package for any student who shall break records in this year’s examination.

He further encouraged the students to take their lessons seriously and also adhere to all covid-19 safety protocol using himself as an example.

Mr. Kpodo also said, he is very happy to hear that, no girl and boy from the school got pregnant or got any girl impregnated during the vacation and Covid-19 era.

He therefore assured the students and management that, he shall take their issues and challenges to Accra for the necessary actions adding that he will fight to see that all buildings in the school are completed as well as other challenges resolved.

On behalf of management, staff and students of the Tanyigbe Senior High School, the Headmaster of the school, Mr. Solomon Sarpong Bagmae expressed gratitude to the Member of Parliament for responding to their call by donation the tyres to facilitate the movement of the school bus.

According to Mr. Bagmae, the items have come timely as it will facilitate the movement of papers from WAEC and also help student for excursion and promised to put the items in good used.



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