Ho Central Constituency NDC Successfully Vetted 58 Aspirants.

A four-member vetting panel has successfully vetted some 58 applicants seeking to lead the National Democratic Congress in the Ho Central Constituency of the Volta Region.

The vetting exercise took place on the 1st of October, 2022, after the applicants successfully filed their nomination on Thursday 29th of September, 2022.

Speaking to journalists, after going through the vetting process, Mr. Gershon Adeklo, who is seeking to dethrone the incumbent Mr. Franklin Kofi Gedzia popularly known as ‘Dzialet’ used the medium to send a message to the delegates and also told them what he will bring on board when given the nod.

”Our message to the delegates is that, we do not want a chairman who cannot do the work for us. There is total leadership failure in Ho Central Constituency and its time for us to restore that leadership. We don’t have to give the job to somebody who can not help us.

2024 is not a joke and its important we put people or we have a chairman who can lead Ho Central into a victory that people will not believe.

We have 130,000 voters in Ho Central. Our aim and objective is to gunner 100,000 votes in the 2024 elections. That is the target.”

He also said he will unite the branches and provide them the necessary logistics to work.

”When we take up this job, we will unite the constituency. We will make sure the delegates have a well running welfare scheme.

We will make sure 2024 elections, we provide the needed logistics. We will make sure that whatever it takes to give resources to the branches for them to operate for victory 2024 is not in doubt. I can guarantee the delegates that we are here to work for them and we will not take their votes for granted. We will do what is right!” Mr. Gershon Adeklo said.   Other Positions include, vice Chairman, Secretary Deputy secretary, Organiser, Deputy Organiser, Women Organiser, Deputy Women Organiser, Youth Organiser and his deputy, treasurer, Zongo Caucus among others.

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