GIBA Volta and GJA Volta top Executives (Ho)

By: Akpabli Daniel Yao/IGNews/VR

The Executives of the Volta Regional branch of the Ghana Independent Broadcaster’s Association (GIBA) have embarked on a working visit to private media houses across the Volta Region.
According to the Regional Coordinator, Mr. Francis Morkporkpor Anyomi, the visit is to encourage the private media to keep and intensify the public awareness creation, sensitization campaign and education on the novel covid-19 pandemic situations.
GIBA at Victory FM, Aflao

He also observed that, this in the time the society needs the media most hence the need to see our role as a call to humanity more than business.
He adviced the managements of the various media houses to supervise the individual media personnel as well as panelists/guests on the various shows to observe the safety protocols of hand washing and social distancing at the work premises as well as in the studio.
He also hinted GIBA member stations that, the association is doing everything possible to support them in this crucial moment and encourage Managers to respond promptly to any letter that shall come from the National Communications Authority (NCA) when they are contacted. 
The Deputy Regional Coordinator, Mr. Akpabli Daniel Yao, noted that, the role played by the private media in the region in the fight against the novel Covid-19 cannot be underestimated.  
He said, the most important achievement of any radio/Television organization in the society is the positive impact its role has made in the lives of the people and the society in general. The private media in the region has demonstrated exactly to world with much energy in these trying times.
He further cautioned the media to show much commitment and be responsible by keeping to accurate reportage of information as well as double checking their facts before bringing out for public consumption in this critical moment where information is key.
The team also paid a courtesy call on the Ghana News Agency (Volta) and later to the Ghana Journalist Association (Volta)
The Volta Regional Chairman of the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) who also doubled as the GNA Volta Boss, Mr. A B Kafui Kanyi, expressed gratitude to GIBA for the kind gesture as he noted that, the visit is a move in the right direction especially in this crucial time.
GIBA with Kaleawo FM, Akatsi

He pledged support to the GIBA in the Region adding that, unity between GJA and GIBA will help bring sanity in the media space in the region which will help bring lots of development.

Meanwhile all media houses visited were observing the necessary safety protocol but they expressed worry in term of revenue generation as they noted that, the Covid-19 crises has taken a negative toll on their client’s businesses making many to withdraw their adverts, for they solely depend on advert revenue as source of income to run their operations.
The executives have noted the challenges expressed by the independent Broadcasters and assured members of the Association’s preparedness to support by channeling their issues to the national secretariat for the necessary attention. 
The team as part of the tour is expected to visit GIBA members and Non-members in the Northern part of the Volta and Oti region in the subsequent days.

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