Ghana ranks 6th globally for social media usage with average time of 3hrs and 23 minutes


With an average time of three hours and 23 minutes spent on social media platforms by Ghanaians, Ghana has been ranked as the sixth country globally, that has its citizens spending the most time on social media.

On the African Continent, Ghana ranks third, trailing behind South Africa and Nigeria which are second and first respectively with their country’s population spending three hours 44 minutes and four hours 20 minutes respectively.

The ranking is according to World

Spending an extensive amount of time on social media can have both beneficial and negative effects. The argument can go both ways, seeing as some have found a way to monetize their social media, while social media robs some of their time, attention, and productivity.

While this is an individualistic experience, there are some regions of the world that on average consume more social media than others.

Several factors contribute to variations in social media usage among countries. The extent and nature of social media engagement are influenced by a combination of cultural, economic, technological, and social factors.

Factors such as internet access and infrastructure, smartphone penetration, demographics, economic conditions, cultural factors, and government regulations, amongst others, contribute to the level of social media use and influence in any given region.

With dozens of cultural identities, some African nations have embraced the social media craze, while others are just not as well-versed.

Below are the African countries that spend the most time on social media.

RankCountryTime spent (Hours: Minutes)Global rank
2.South Africa03:443rd

Source: norvanreports

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