Ghana needs new crop of leaders to give hope to the youth

By: Kingsley Attitsogbui| Ho

The Founder and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) Party, Dr. Hassan Ayariga, has said that Ghana needs a new crop of leaders to restore hope and improve the lives of many youths who are dissatisfied with the current crop of leaders.

He stated that despite being given the mandate over the years, people have not arrived where they ought to have, causing the generation to continue to suffer.

“I hope we all know what is happening in this country. So now we need a new hope, a new crop of leaders. A leader who can give us hope, a leader who can give hope to the youth of this country, who can transform this country and give us what we need” he stressed.

Dr. Ayariga said even though the nation is endowed with so much natural resources, the country now owed so much that every Ghanaian born or unborn owes GHC100, 000.00 if our debt is shared among every citizen.

He underlined the need for new leaders in Ghana who understand leadership in order to build the country and provide jobs for all citizens.

The leader of APC spoke to the media during this year’s Asogli State Yam Festival (Te Za) and the 20th anniversary celebration of enthronement of Togbe Afede XIV, the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State on Saturday October 7, 2023 at the Ho Jubilee park.


One thought on “Ghana needs new crop of leaders to give hope to the youth

  1. The frustrating nature of the youth in Ghana is nothing but all because of N pp and NDC which citizen of Ghana as a country used to wipe their own chances of survival, but now it is time we reflect and choose the best one and the one who can help the country gain a stable economy

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