Expedite humanitarian efforts in Israel, Palestine to prevent further suffering- Kumadoe urges UN

By: Frank Kwame Abbor| ignewss| 

Richard Kumadoe, a student of African politics and geopolitical dynamics and fraud prevention expert and security consultant has urged the United Nations (UN) to boldly address the truth and expedite humanitarian efforts in both Israeli and Palestinian territories to prevent further suffering.

In the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, tensions are escalating as both sides to assert their right to self-defense amid rocket attacks, border activities and gun attacks.

He observed that, the conflict is further exacerbated by prejudice, bias and a lack of rationality and reason adding that, it is imperative for authorities and conscientious individuals to confront the harsh realities and strive for resolution.

He said, ignoring reason, embracing hypocrisy, and taking on unwarranted savior roles may lead to increased chaos and the ominous possibility of all-out war in the near future.

“While divine intervention is not guaranteed, human efforts can bring peace and reconciliation. Our thoughts go out to the affected families and those who have lost loved ones in this ongoing crisis”. He noted

He said, may humanity act swiftly, responsibly and with a sense of urgency to counteract evil and maintain peace.

Source: www.ignewss.com|Ghana

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