EPCG Church Choir Union climax 2023 biannual rally in Klefe

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss|Klefe

The Ho East Presbytery of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Ghana (EPCG) Church Choirs Union Zone 2 has concluded their 2023 biannual Choirs rally on Sunday.

This year’s program which was held at Klefe Demete in the Ho Municipality of the Volta region was with the aim of reviving the youth and the members through the gospel.

The 4-day event began on Thursday, November 2, and ended on Sunday, November 5, 2023.

It was centered around the General Assembly theme of the church: “Revive us again, O Lord, heal, and restore us as choristers.” Nine (9) choirs from the zone came together at Klefe Demete.

The Very Rev. J. Y. Ledo, the former Moderator of the church, urged the members to live upright lives and always portray a positive image of themselves in their endeavors.

During his sermon on the theme, “Beware of the signs of the end time,” the former Moderator encouraged the participants and Christians as a whole to embrace peace wherever they find themselves and to avoid lifestyles that tarnish their righteousness.

Rev. Ledo expressed concern about the high levels of corruption in the country, dishonesty, and unacceptable ways of living, which contribute to the low moral standards among Christians, hindering the country’s development.

He urged Christians to lead lives that serve as examples for others to emulate, emphasizing the importance of being good role models in society.

The Zonal Secretary, Mr. Fredrick Mawunyo Asamani, in an interview, elaborated on the theme, “Revive us again, O Lord, heal, and restore us, choristers.”

He explained that they recognized a decline in the spirit of the church, especially among choristers in the zone, due to aging, and believed it needed revival.

He lamented the lack of interest among today’s youth in joining the group, citing challenges such as modern lifestyles, physical appearances, and hairstyles that many young people perceive as outdated and hard to conform to.

He also mentioned how some group members fail to mentor the younger generation, instead making it difficult for them to join.

Mr. Asamani further noted the shortage of choirmasters in the zone, which is demoralizing the spirit of singing. Therefore, they plan to proactively address this issue by either training choirmasters at the Church’s Music school in Peki or sending interested youth to be trained for the zone.

The zone is expected to hold their next rally at Taviefe Dzefe in the Ho East Presbytery in the year 2025.

Source: www.ignewss.com|Ghana

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