Dormaa Traditional Council Vigilant Against Unhygienic Practices: Takes Action to Preserve Cleanliness in Dormaa Ahenkro

By: Kwaku Mensah Abrampa|Dormaa Ahenkro

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The Dormaa Traditional Council, led by Osagyefo Oseadeayo Dr. Agyemang Badu II, the Omanhene of Dormaa Traditional Council and President of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs, has been committed to maintaining a hygienic environment in Dormaa Ahenkro and its surrounding communities.

This initiative aims to prevent health issues arising from filth in the area.

Osagyefo Dr. Nana Agyemang Badu II and his elders have actively organized communal labor across the communities under their jurisdiction.

This effort ensures widespread participation in clean-up exercises to promote cleanliness and tidiness.

Dustbins have been strategically placed in Dormaa and its surrounding areas, facilitating the proper disposal of sachet and canned drinkables, as well as waste in polythene bags and other lightweight objects.

Despite these commendable efforts, some individuals have taken advantage of the dustbins, dumping household refuse, and even resorting to defecating in polythene bags within the provided bins.

In response to this behavior, Nana Ansu Gyeabour, Ahenenanaa Adontenhene of Dormaa Traditional Council and coordinator of communal activities, emphasized that the council will take decisive action against those who violate the established laws and directives.

Nana Ansu Gyeabour expressed the commitment of the traditional council to uphold Osagyefo Oseadeayo Dr. Agyemang Badu II’s vision of making Dormaa one of the cleanest cities in Ghana.

He denounced any distractions from community members hindering this mission and stated that the traditional council is determined to address any challenges.

To address the issue, Nana Ansu Gyeabour disclosed the formation of a monitoring task force.

This task force will surveil all dustbins in Dormaa Ahenkro during night and dawn hours, ensuring that individuals who violate the council’s ordinances are apprehended.

Offenders will be brought before the law court to face judgment, serving as a deterrent to others and reinforcing the community’s commitment to maintaining a hygienic environment.


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