Don’t turn National Service Personnel into messengers, errand boys and girls

By: Bodza John Edudzi | |Winneba

The Speaker of Parliament, Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin has urged both public and private sector leaders not to turned National Service Personnel (NSP) sent to them into messengers and errand boys and girls.

He made the vigorous statement at the National Service Scheme (NSS) Golden Jubilee celebration in Accra Tuesday October 10, 2023, as the Guest Speaker.

He cautioned leaders of the various sectors not to waste the time of the personnel by sending them to buy food and that the one-year mandatory service is a very critical year for their development, and molding of the personnel.

“Don’t turn NSS personnel into Messengers, errand boys and girls. Don’t be sending them to buy ‘Kofi broke man’. It is a very critical year for their development. Don’t waste it, many of them even don’t have a place to sit, they loiter around, and people treat them with contempt. These are lovely souls sent into your hands and that one year is meant for you to mold the personnel” he said.

The speaker revealed that the NSS personnel formed part of the skeletal digital infrastructure in the country therefore, they should be acclamatised and be the unique Ghanaian they are.


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