Concerned citizens give Assembly ultimatum to fix abandoned Ho main market road

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss|Ho

A pressure group known as Concern Citizen of Ho has given three city authorities in Ho, the capital of the Volta region, a two-week ultimatum notice, demanding that the abandoned section of road on the well-known Amegashie/ Alele bridge connecting the Ho Ola Traffic light and the Ho Main Market be fixed immediately.

According to a statement from the group, the stretch of the road that poses a risk to drivers and pedestrians was chosen because of its origin, the length of time the Municipal Urban Engineer gave it, and its current condition.

The Volta Regional Minister, Hon. Dr. Archibald Yao Letsa, the Ho Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Divine Bosson, and the Ho Municipal Urban Roads Engineer, Ing. Gershon Banaman, were requested by the worried citizens to follow through on their promises as soon as possible in order to appease them.

“The OLA- Asigame Road, particularly the Amegashie Bridge portion has now become a death trap and an accident-prone lane of a high disaster looming magnitude.” the statement said.

According to the press release, “this bad situation has arisen as a result of the failed promises of the aforementioned trio, The Regional Minister, the MCE, and the Urban Roads Engineer, to fix the Amegashie Bridge within an inconsistent revised period from two weeks to one month to two months and now to” only God knows When” completion time schedule when they initially came under a heavy amount of criticism and pressure from the concerned citizens to fix the broken Amegashie bridge.

The statement also accused the contractor for executing what they describe as a shoddy work on the very project.

“Without a doubt, the unmotorable nature of this section of the road has resulted from bad work completed by their favourite contractor, whose identity is shrouded in secrecy and poses threat to the tires of vehicles ply the road. As if that weren’t enough, this typically muddy stretch of road developed numerous potholes to the point where they were nearly manholes as a result of the intermittent rainfalls, forcing commuters and drivers alike to struggle to meander their way in search of impractical better portions caused by some head-on collisions with oncoming vehicles and back smashing with similarly moving cars who have no choice but to criss-cross each other in an effort to select a passable ringway. Hitting down pedestrians out this stretch has become a terrifying daily ordeal for commuters”, the pressure group said.

The Concerned Citizens of Ho, on the other hand, are urging and requiring the trio to use the two-week deadline “to act to fix this nasty scene on the road by grading and compacting the portion immediately, following suit with a bitumen surface if not asphalting of same stretch to ease the plight of motorists and commuters alike.”

They added that this will not only prevent the frequent breakdown of cars plying the stretch but more importantly avoid imminent casualties that may occur for the reasons aforementioned.

The concern pressure group has also stated that upon exhausting their two weeks ultimatum and the demanded action has not been activated the group shall embarked on series of street protest to drum home their concern to be address by the authorities.

“You are elected and appointed to fix our problems. Enough of the vague promises Typical with the Akuffo- Addo / Bawumia NPP led Government. Please be assured that after this 2- weeks deadline, we shall embark on series of street protest to have our demand fulfilled” they stressed.


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