Christians urged to reciprocate God’s love

Reverend Father Pascal Ankamah, the Pastor in-charge of the St Alphonse Catholic Church at Ga Odumase, has urged Christians to reciprocate God’s love to their fellow humans.
He said: “No one has seen God before, yet we know He loves us and for that matter we, as Christians, must also love one another.”
Rev. Fr. Ankamah gave the advice in sermon to mark the Mothers Day celebration and asked the congregation to show appreciation to their mothers for the love and care.
“Use this Day to go back to your mothers and ask for forgiveness if you have offended them in any way.”
A cross section of the youth, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, expressed gratitude to all mothers for their wonderful care and guidance and asked for God’s blessings upon their lives.
The second Sunday in May, every year, has been set aside to honour mothers all over the world for their hard work, commitment and love in the upbringing of their children and support to the family and society as a whole.
It is marked with gifts to mothers while programmes are held to celebrate them.

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