Cash and Carry Days Were devastating-NHIA Boss

BY: Akpabli Daniel Yao/Ho/VR

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Dr. Baaba Dsane Selby, has applauded the Nana Addo led government for the progress made in the health sector and more particularly, the National health Insurance Scheme adding that, the cash and carry days were devastating.

“When I was a Doctor in the cash and carry days, I almost gave up medicine because it was devastating to me for children to die in my hands everyday when I knew what to do but I didn’t have the resources” She narrated.

Addressing the Volta NPP Nurses and Midwives in Ho, Dr Selby noted that,  the effort made by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) administrations in the National Health insurance scheme programme has made Ghana the envy of the world as she noted that, the module of the scheme has now been taught in the Harvard University for other countries to learn.

She said, the government is poised to equip and staff the sector and the scheme to make it more accessible  as well as the kind of service to be provided, more quality.

Dr. Selby  stated that, data is very crucial to be able to begin and provide the needed healthcare to citizens but the Ghana and NHIS card answer such problems adding that,  Ghanaians can now link their NHIS card to the Ghana card making it possible to access health care with any of these two cards

She said the NHIS has currently 23.2 million unique identified members in the authority’s database which is the biggest database in the country currently.

She added that, these numbers need not to come to the NHIS offices for their renewal anymore due to the mobile renewal initiative which made it possible for them to sit in the comfort of their homes and renew their cards.

She further revealed that, the NHIA have also created a link with the Ministry of Gender so that persons on the Ghana National House whole registry including LEAP Beneficiaries, persons living with disabilities (PWD’s) etc will be renewed automatically so as to enjoy services continuously.

she  said other diseases which are not under the policies shall be included in the benefit package and user fees at a point of service will be eliminated.

As we celebrate the success story of the health insurance, she therefore called on all Ghanaian to also remember those who walked out of parliament when this crucial and important law was passed to care for them and come out in their numbers to vote in order to sustain the progress of the policy

Source: IGnews

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