Awudome Chiefs call for fair probe in alleged Police negligence regarding QAL’s actions against Dominion paint Ltd

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss|Awudome

The Awudome Traditional Council in the Volta region has formally petitioned the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and various security agencies to conduct a comprehensive investigation into alleged criminal activities involving Quick Angels Limited (QAL) and its purported actions against Mr. Stephen Adom, the CEO of Dominion Paint Manufacturing Industry Limited in Awudome Tsawenu.

During a press conference held on November 20, 2023, the chiefs highlighted the significant contributions of Dominion Paint Manufacturing Industry Limited to the local community, providing employment opportunities and fostering economic growth through its operations. They emphasized the company’s positive impact on the region and its capital city.

Established in 2012, Dominion Paint Manufacturing Industries Limited has been a beacon of hope, acquiring licenses and certifications in 2015 to become a limited liability company. However, the chiefs noted a disruption in the company’s operations over a two-year period, prompting an investigative visit by stakeholders in 2022.

Their inquiry revealed a rift between CEO Stephen Adom and his business partner, Mr. Richard Nii Armah Quaye of Quick Angels Limited. Despite efforts by the chiefs to facilitate a resolution, Mr. Quaye’s nonattendance hindered progress.

Subsequently, ongoing disputes led to severe criminal activities involving collaboration with police and bank officials, resulting in the factory’s closure and the distress of employees and the founder.

The chiefs clarified that they are impartial regarding the partnership conflict but are deeply concerned about the economic benefits of the company to the local area.

 They vehemently opposed any coercion or illegal means aimed at shutting down or relocating Dominion Paint Manufacturing Industry Limited, emphasizing its significance as the primary industry in the Ho West District and the entire Volta region.

At the press conference, they urged immediate investigation by key authorities—the Attorney General, Chief Justice, Volta regional Minister, Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Volta Regional Peace Council, and Inspector General of Police—into the alleged criminal allegations made by Mr. Stephen Adom against QAL, policemen, and bank officials.

While acknowledging ongoing court proceedings, the chiefs demanded an unbiased investigation into various accusations, such as fraudulent alterations of records at the Registrar General Department, unauthorized relocation of the factory by Quick Angels Limited, and the replacement of factory-guarding police officers without due process.

They affirmed their commitment to safeguarding the factory against any irregularities until culprits are identified and brought to justice in accordance with the country’s criminal code.


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