AMECO Cries For Infrastructure Needs

By: Akpabli Daniel Yao/Amedzofe/VR

Officially opened on February 10, 1946, the First E.P Church Ghana Teacher Training College, Evangelical Presbyterian college of Education, Amedzofe (AMECO) in the Volta Region is yet to see government support to revamp its enormous infrastructural needs.

Even though the school saw some renovation works over the last two years with couple of project works such as the school gate project, the current infrastructural situation is affecting teaching and learning in the college and need urgent intervention.

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Dr. Dickson Tsey, the Principal of the college lamented that, the old administration block built in 1880 long before the establishment of the college in 1946 can no longer hold the increasing number of staff adding that the structure is growing weaker each day as they only thank God for their safety every day.

According to him, the least said about staff accommodation, the better adding that, his personal research revealed that, the Amedzofe college is among the colleges with very limited and unattractive staff accommodation.

He said the severe accommodation deficit of the institution has forced many of the staff to travel many kilometers from Ho, kpando, Vane and surrounding areas to work every day due to of lack of accommodation on campus and Amedzofe town.

Mr. Tsey noted that, Management in collaboration with the Alumni, students and staff have resolved to start a self-help project of 4 units 2-bedroom flat to commemorate their 75th Anniversary, a project intended to alleviate the lingering staff accommodation challenge confronting the college and call on all stakeholders to support the project.

He also revealed that, the college’s Assembly hall can scarcely host any college event due to its small size to accommodate the student’s population.

He said, the small hall built since the inception of the school for about 150 students can scarcely host any college event with the currents student population of almost 800 students while the college’s dining hall built for a student population of about 200 in now serving a population of over 700

“currently, the 3 male hall available has the capacity to accommodate only 330 students altogether at a time, while the female hall hosts only 190 students. A four storey ladies hostel started in 2009 with GETfund has been abandoned at the foundation level severally by constructors” he said

Notwithstanding the infrastructural deficit, he stated that, admission in 2020/2021 increased female intake by more than 90% which is a demonstration of their commitment towards female education in Ghana.

On the part of lecture halls, Mr. Tsey said, the college cannot boast of one lecture room that can accommodate even 150 students at a go, a situation making teaching and learning ineffective.

Aside the enormous challenges he said, the college has He said the audacious policy of management cannot be realized if the barrage of infrastructural needs of the college are not attended to with the speed it deserves.

He further lamented about the deplorable nature of the main road to the college gate and other inner roads saying it is a headache to management.

He said, the bill of over GHc 600,000.00 to fix the college road network is simply beyond the reach of the college as they appealed to the Ho West District Assembly and Central government to come to their aid.

However, he thanked the Alumni of the college for their concern and expression of willingness to start doing something about the road network before government intervene.

He further called on government, old students, benevolent groups and individual, corporate institutions as well as other stakeholders to come to their aid in addressing the challenges facing the college.

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