Akosombo Dam spillage submerges Fiaxor, Agorbledokui other communities

By: Kingsley Attitsogbui| Fiaxor

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Anlo constituency Hon. Richard Kwami Sefe, has said some communities in his constituency such as Fiaxor and Agorbledokui have been 70% submerged in water as a result of the spillage of the Akosombo Dam.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with IGNEWSS reporter, Kingsley Attitsogbui, on Wednesday October 11, 2023, the MP said some communities in his constituency suffer when there is too much rain, but for the past two weeks has seen a different change.

He stressed that the water level had risen since they began the Akosombo Dam spillage two weeks ago.

“You know there is a connection between the River Volta and the river in the areas that links the Keta lagoon. And because the Keta lagoon is filled up, it has gone to affect some towns and villages that are along the banks of the Keta lagoon. Areas such as Fiaxor, Fiaxor if my calculation should be right is about 65-70 percent now submerged. It has affected the landmark. You can only see some of the structures standing on top of the land at Fiaxor but the greater submerged” he explained.

The MP said other areas like Kodzi, Galosota, Bleamezado and Azanu are also hard-hit in the spillage.

He lamented about how the spillage has affected livelihoods of the community folks saying the majority of the people are involved in farming, vegetables farming and sugarcane farming plantations.

He added that the situation was so bad that the residents of the affected areas no longer go on with their daily livelihood activities. He said those who are fishermen could no longer go on their fishing expedition too.

Schools he said, parents could not allow their wards to attempt for the fear of their lives.

Source: www.ignewss.com|Ghana

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