Abutia Norvisi D A Basic School appeals for supports.

By: Evans Attah Akangla| ignewss|Abutia

The Headmaster of Abutia Norvisi D. A. Basic School in the Ho West District of the Volta region, has made an earnest appeal to the central government through the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service for assistance in addressing the pressing needs of the School.

Mr. Selorm C. Dogbe, in an interview with Inside Ghana News Service (www.ignewss.com), expressed his concerns about certain basic necessities that the school is facing, which are likely to have a negative impact on the smooth academic progress of the students.

One of the main challenges highlighted by the headmaster is the teacher-student ratio. He pointed out that the imbalance in the number of students and teachers is a significant issue, particularly in KG1 and KG2 classes, where only one teacher is available.

A visit to the school by the news team revealed that the school has had to improvise to accommodate Kindergarten students, as it lacks the financial resources to construct a new block for them. Mr. Dogbe stated, ‘We do not have modern classroom blocks for the KG pupils, so we have had to create temporary spaces for them to use for the time being.’

Furthermore, the lower basic block is gradually deteriorating, with leaky roofs during the rainy season, posing risks to the safety of the pupils.

The school is currently managing a general student population of approximately 250 students with only ten teachers under the new educational system.

Mr. Selorm Dogbe also pointed out that, despite teaching and learning ICT in the school, there is no ICT lab, and not a single desktop computer is available. This situation makes it challenging for teachers, especially in the practical aspect of Information and Communication Technology, thus indirectly hampering effective computer literacy in the school.

During a visit to the headmaster’s office, the team observed a substantial collection of books intended for a library. However, the school lacks a proper library to house these books for the students’ leisure reading. Mr. Dogbe explained, ‘Teachers can only select a few books and bring them into the classrooms for the students to read.’

While appealing for support from NGOs, benevolent associations, and the central government, the Headmaster commended the efforts of parents, who also contribute to the school. He also acknowledged the support of the local community, particularly during sports and cultural activities.

He urged corporate organizations and the central government to provide assistance in establishing a library, an ICT lab, and sending additional teachers to the school to supplement the existing staff, thereby ensuring that the students receive the necessary foundational education to prepare them for secondary education.

Norvisi D. A. Basic School offers education from Kindergarten to Junior High School, with a current student population of approximately 250 students and ten professional teachers.

On September 12, 2023, the Abutia Norvisi D. A. Basic School celebrated its inaugural Speech and Prize Giving Day, marking a historic event in the school’s history since its establishment in 1963. It is known for its academic excellence and is one of the oldest basic schools in the region.

Source: www.ignewss.com|Ghana

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