Abuadi youth call for immediate halt of quarry activities in the community

By: Sebastian Kornu| ignewss| Adaklu Abuadi

Adaklu Abuadi youth registering their displeasure against a Chinese quarry company

The youth of Adaklu Abuadi in the Adaklu district of the Volta Region are calling on authorities, as a matter of urgency, to help put a stop to the ongoing quarry activity in the community.

According to a petition presented to the paramount chief of Adaklu traditional area, Togbe Gbogbi Atsa V and the District Chief Executive of Adaklu, the youth group said, a Chinese company has been operating in Adaklu since September 2012 with no benefits to the community.

The company, which according to the youth, is not known because there is no signpost anywhere to identify them, have created so many havocs in the community.

The youth believed their basic human rights have been violated due to the operations of this Chinese company in the area.

They said, frequent dynamite blast from this company has over the years caused destruction to buildings in the community adding that, it has also been causing fear and panic to residents and local farmers as stray pebbles usually hit the roofs of their houses near the quarry as well as the farmers whilst working on their farms.

They also underscored the dust and noise produced from the quarry poses a lot of health hazard to them in the community.

They added that the incessant plying of heavy-duty vehicles on a 24hour basis has created “manholes” leading to the deplorable nature of the road from Adaklu Tsrefe to Adaklu Waya.

This resident said, has resulted to drivers alighting commuters from Ho to Tsrefe through to Waya to walk the rest of their journey and sometimes compelled them to pay extra exorbitant fares.

They noted that, residents lived in fear and panic as a result of the blast from the dynamites coupled with the behaviour of the Chinese who are allegedly armed with guns for fear of possible attack.

Mr Raymond Akadi, Mr John Amegboe and madam Kekeli Zokli who were representatives of the youth group of Adaklu Abuadi said, what the youth want to know is the details of the parties to the contract between the Chinese company and the partner that be.

They also needed the details of the impact and social assessment in the contract, the permission from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for quarry activities in Abuadi, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in relation to the contract to the community and an account of all royalties paid the community so far if any.

They are also demanding answers to why the Chinese are armed with guns against the public and why stones will be quarried in Abuadi and used to construct other roads whiles the community itself is wadding in mud.

They reiterated that, the operation of the quarry by the Chinese company has become a nuisance in the community and based on that they are appealing to the paramount chief and his elders and the DCE to notify the contract awarding institution or individual to instruct the Chinese to halt their activities and vacate the site with immediate effect.

They hinted that, failure to adhere to their request, they will advise themselves as they deem fit.

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