SOSSAH, St Anthony’s hospital host the Aged, Persons With disabilities

By: Akpabli Daniel Yao | | Dzodze

Staff from St Anthony’s hospital taking patron through the health screening processes

As part of the initiative to give back to the society, SOSSAH in collaboration with St Anthony’s hospital have organized a health screening and a dinner party for the aged, Persons with Disabilities (PWD’s) and the mentally Challenged in Dzodze, the Ketu North Municipal Capital of the Volta region.
The programme which drew staff from the St Anthony’s hospital took participants through health screening and education processes.
As part of the screening, Patrons who are not in good health conditions were given some medications to stabilised their system while advise were given to some regarding their condition and others referred to the health facility for further examination and treatments.

Speaking to the media, Madam Justine Quist, a senior public health nursing officer at St Anthony’s hospital and a board member of SOSSAH noted that, the fear for COVID-19 had affected resident’s patronage of health care facilities hence the need to take health care delivery to their door step.
“We’ve realized that during the pandemic situation, many residents are afraid to come to access health care in our facility. They think when they come to the health facility, we would diagnose them of COVID-19 so we see the need to come to them in their various communities with health screening program and also educate them.” She explained.
According to Madam Quist, those are diagnosed of serious health issues will be referred to the St Anthony’s hospital for proper management and treatment.
She noted that, issues of mental health should be given much attention adding that, no seriousness has been attached to this aspect over the years so as to tackle it head-on.
“It looks like these days, we don’t focus on this issue, but it is a major problem in our society and Ghana as a whole.”
She said, they will not relent on their effort in addressing the health needs of residents in the various communities adding that the aged, physically and mentally challenge needs serious assistance.
She further called on other benevolent groups and individuals to see the issues of the aged, physically and mentally challenged as their responsibility and focus their attention to offer their support in addressing them.
She also called for support to SOSSAH and the St Anthony’s hospital to enable them reach other communities in the Ketu North Municipality and beyond.
Tabuoronombo Titus, a Principal Nursing Officer who served as the chairman of the programme commended SOSSAH for the initiative adding that, this will help improve the health needs of the participants.
“It is the best to put smiles on the faces of the aged and the vulnerable in the society. If this gets repeated going forward, it will keep reminding our elderly ones as well as others that, our health is in our hands and there is the need to be responsible for their own health.” He said.
He noted that, in his address, opportunity was also used to re-echo the need to commit to drug adherence and go for regular check up at the hospital.
“It is our hope that, SOSSAH will continue to be pushing this agenda that others within the community will also emulate then we join forces together to reach out to the vulnerable and send the health needs to the door step of the people”
He also lamented on the manner issues of mental health is taken in the country adding that, there is the need for government to take up issues of mental health seriously to help the affected individual, their families and the country as a whole.
He further called for a collaboration from other well-meaning individuals and groups in support of SOSSAH’s efforts to reach out to other communities.
Participants were giving the opportunity to ask health related questions for redress. Food and drinks were served as well as other forms of lined up activities to entertain patrons.
SOSSAH is an organization in the Volta Region that collaborates in its own way with St. Anthony’s Hospital in Dzodze, the Ketu North Municipal Capital, and provides support to the hospital and the vulnerable communities around.
They also provide support to widows, Persons with Disabilities (PWD’s) and other vulnerable in the society. In addition, they support the hospital materially and with whatever comes on their way and also provide emergency help with food and water shortages. This is often combined with providing information to these vulnerable groups.
In Ghana, Justine, a public health nurse, regularly visits the many vulnerable households spread over various villages. She helps them to seek medical help. Justine includes the most vulnerable among them in her social program.
Both the hospital and the communities receive help in the form of medical, equipment, food, water, care, education and sometimes financial support, for example for education, which benefits self-sustainability.
School’s outreach programmes were carried out in Basic and senior high schools in the Ketu North Municipality as well as thousands of facemasks and hand washing materials donated.
Some vulnerable in some communities were also supported to enrol under the health insurance scheme for free.
In July 2021, large consignment of medical equipment was received by St Anthony’s hospital through SOSSAH, a kind management of the hospital described as the largest to have received from a non-governmental organization in the history of the hospital.

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